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Our Activities


The company has steadily increased in size and diversified its activities according to threats perception due to the advent of terrorism in India in addition to normal security requirements.

  1. Industrial security consultancy and security surveys, security designing.
  2. Industrial security – Security of Commercial establishments and institutions.
  3. Personnel verification.
  4. Security identification system
  5. Armed / unarmed escorts
  6. Armed Security Guards
  7. Night Patrols
  8. Security training of personnel
  9. Industrial intelligence both overt and convert to identify risk, dissatisfaction and malpractice.
  10. Investigation.
  11. Verification of antecedents assets and financial credentials.
  12. Investment and business protection.
  13. Insurance investigation.
  14. Investigation of matrimonial cases.
  15. Locating missing persons.
  16. Executive Protection.
  17. Cash carrying with armed guard and radio communication.
  18. Centralized monitoring systems to provide protection with co-operation of local police backed by mobile armed security guards.