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About Us

Welcome to Tiger Security Services

Our roots and our foundation are in the provision of security services. Ever since 1980 when TIGER GROUP started guarding the establishments in Mumbai besides Housing Complexes, we have striven to offer our customers peace of mind.
Our services cover security services. Investigations, Intelligence, Security dog squad, Armed Guard, Cash Van Personnel Selection. This diversity leads us to divide the group business into six operation divisions.

TIGER GROUP expertise is based on experience and continued development of technology to ensure that our customers receive the highest levels of service. A combination of highly trained personnel and the most advanced security systems enable us to offer comprehensive security to protect our customer, their premises and their assets.

Our mission is to be recognized as Mumbai Leading integrated security, Which include cash and valuables, guarding, fire safety and training services.

We would like to be service oriented organization which:

  • Values and develops our staff.
  • Anticipates and meet challenging customer needs.
  • Have long term relationship with our customers.
  • Makes maximum use of new technology.